"Georg und Irina Karl schätzen und lieben wir als herausragende Pioniere im Reich Gottes. Sie vertreten eine gesunde Lehre, in der Jesus das alleinige Zentrum ist, und haben eine apostolische Liebe zum ganzen Leib Jesu Christi."

Geri und Lilo Keller
Stiftung Schleife


"Georg und Irina Karl sind zwei Nachfolger Jesu, die wirklich das Wort Gottes glauben, ernst nehmen und darin wandeln und erleben, dass Gott hält was ER verheisst. Ihr gesegneter Dienst ist eine Wohltat im Reich Gottes und eine Freude für den Herrn und seine Kinder auf Erden. Möge ihr Dienst noch ganz großes Wohlwollen bei Gott und den Menschen finden und den Kindern Gottes die Augen des Herzen öffnen für die Weite, Breite, Höhe und Tiefe der Liebe Gottes."

Maria L. Prean
Leiterin von „Vision for Africa“ (Uganda), Mitgründerin des Missionswerkes „Leben in Jesus Christus“ (Österreich) sowie Konferenzsprecherin und mehrfache Buchautorin


 "Es ist mein Privileg, Georg und Irina zu kennen. Gemeinsam teilen sie ein Herz und eine Vision, das Königreich Gottes hier auf Erden manifestiert zu sehen. Ich empfehle Ihnen sehr, eine Gelegenheit zu nutzen, sie kennen zu lernen"

Bobby Conner
Eagle View Ministries
Bullard/Texas (USA)


"Georg und Irina Karl sind Pioniere an vorderster Front darin, das Reich Gottes in Deutschland, Europa und weltweit auszubreiten, wobei ihnen Heilungen, Zeichen und Wunder und Machttaten Gottes folgen. Sie gehören auch zu den am meisten liebenden Dienern Gottes, die wir je getroffen haben, mit hoher Integrität, und wir sehen es als ein Vorrecht an, sie zu unseren Freunden zu zählen."

David & Stephanie Herzog
David Herzog Ministries
Sedona/Arizona (USA)


Englischsprachige Empfehlungen für das Buch "Reise in die Herrlichkeit" und den Dienst von Pastor Georg Karl, aus den USA, Kanada und China:

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book “Journey in to Glory”, by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado:

I always consider it an honor and a privilege to write an endorsement for a book when its central message is one that resonates with my own spirit. Such is the case with Pastor Georg Karl’s new book,“Journey in to Glory”.

An important message it conveys is, in essence, that the Gospel of the Kingdom is not merely a historical gospel; rather, the Word of God is alive,real, and active today. (Hebrews 4:12) In the beginning, God created mankind in eternity within the atmosphere of His glory, later revealed that Glory on earth through the person of Jesus Christ, and today invites us to become carriers of the Glory and manifest it for the world to experience.

God is using Pastor Karl, along with his wife Irina, to expand the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ preached and demonstrated in Germany, as well as internationally.

Pastor Karl makes the point that the Great Commission of God, given to us by Jesus, can only be carried out effectively by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. With the sense of urgency that comes once we discern that Jesus will soon return, the Body of Christ must know that we are all called to be witnesses of Jesus - as the sons and daughters of God of all ages, races, and nationalities - that not only speak of Him but that also demonstrate His Glory and power in a tangible way through salvation, transformation, healing, deliverance, miracles, signs, and wonders of every kind.

I recommend this book,“Journey in to Glory”, to leaders and church members alike as the revelation in this book, received and applied by faith, will undoubtedly touch, change, and transform the lives of all who receive it.

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

King Jesus International Ministry

Miami, FL

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory" by Brother Yun, the "heavenly man":

I am the "heavenly man", brother Yun, a former house church leader in China and co-founder of the overseas "Take the Gospel back to Jerusalem" movement. 

Pastor Georg, the author of this book, is a leader of worship and prayer. With his own testimony and the revelation and enlightenment that he received from the Lord, he will truly take you on this journey of the Glory of God. 

Among the western pastors that I know, Pastor Georg and his wife are one of the couples who have the holiest hunger. He is so convinced by God's promises and absolutely desires to see the glory of God. 

I also see in him the apostolic and prophetic calling and positioning of the Lord.

When I got my hands on the Chinese translation of "Journey into Glory", I was immediately touched by the Word of God. The Scriptures that Pastor Georg used in his book opened up to me many fresh revelations, therefore from the depth of my heart they inspired me to have great divine hope, expectations and more hunger for God's holiness and glory. I, your brother and companion in the suffering of the kingdom and the patient endurance in Christ, strongly recommend this book "Journey into Glory" to Chinese churches.

Brother Yun, the "heavenly man"

Back to Jerusalem Movement

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory", by Jeff Jansen:

I want to highly recommend to you this amazing book “journey into glory” by my good friend Georg Karl. Georg is a revivalist that carries an incredible revelation on not only how to move in the Glory but an understanding and IMPARTATION on how the Glory works. If you are hungry for the miraculous and have a desire to move in the deep things of God then this book is for you.

Jeff Jansen

Global Fire Ministries International

Senior Leader of Global Fire Church

Author of Glory Rising/Furious Sound of Glory  

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory", by Dr.David Herzog:

This book is on the cutting edge of what God is doing today in this fresh move of God's Glory Harvest across the earth! I have personally ministered with George both in his congregation and on the streets with him in Germany as the atmosphere of the glory he has developed in his life and ministry made it easy to flow in the supernatural glory of God with signs following and souls saved.  I can truly say that he is the 'real deal' and a true friend having also spent time together in each other’s home and praying often for each other. Very few carry the true Glory of God on the earth as he does. I can personally attest to the love, joy, Christlikeness, the faith, healings, signs and wonders and glory that flow freely from George and his wife Irina. I have lived and ministered in the glory for many years yet I was so blessed and refreshed reading this book I could not put it down and read it almost entirely in one reading. No matter how long you've known the Lord, this is a must-read for anyone that wants to be part of this fresh new move of God on the earth as it will literally change your life!

Dr. David Herzog 

David Herzog Ministries

Author of Glory Invasion  

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory" by Rev. Joshua Mills:

“If living in the manifest presence of God's Glory is your ultimate desire, Pastor Georg Karl has provided a superb blueprint of how this is attainable . . . An excellent resource and a revelatory book which I will be sharing with many of my personal and ministry friends.”

Rev. Joshua Mills

New Wine International, Inc.

London, Ontario, Canada / Palm Springs, California  

Endorsement by Prophet Bobby Conner for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory"

It is a joy for me to endorse Pastor Karl’s wonderful book on the subject of the Glory of God! You will be blessed and inspired to seek God on a much deeper level in your life as you read this book. 

Bobby Conner

Eagles View Ministry   

Endorsement for Pastor Georg Karl's book "Journey into Glory" by Bruce D.Allen:

In his book “Journey Into Glory” my friend and author Georg Karl bares his heart with a candid view of his struggles and victories in his passionate pursuit of the Lord and His Glory. Not only is this ‘every mans’ story’ in microcosm, but it also compels us to make it our victory as well. I am impressed and moved with the continued transparency and tenacity of both Georg and his wife Irina as they consistently march on with expectation and hope. There is much to be gleaned from these pages for anyone who is hungering for more of God’s Glory in their lives. The way may be fraught with misses and at time seeming defeat, but the key is never quit! I’ve witnessed firsthand their passion and unceasing zeal for the Lord and I have been blessed by their mission and ministry. Take hold of the truth in these pages and you will save yourself a lot of wasted effort and receive keys to unlocking the mystery of God’s Glory for your own life!

Bruce D Allen

Still Waters International Ministries

PO Box 1001 Chewelah, WA 99109