Miracle news reports

Since about July 2010 the Glory Life Zentrum Assembly has been experiencing an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, out of which the most remarkable and notable miracles, healings, signs and wonders have occurred.  This happens again and again in the special “Glory and Miracle services” but also in the “normal services”.
The power of God goes into the people attending these services and is then also released in their everyday lives, in their jobs, their families, their social circles and even into the streets and places of our region!

As a result of this outpouring of the Spirit, during the last months and years far over a thousand people have been healed and set free as a result of sometimes extremely spectacular miracles: God has supernaturally recreated limbs and body parts; deaf ears and blind eyes have been opened, medically “incurable” diseases like all sorts of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many others have been healed, destroyed nerves, vertebras, ligaments, bones etc. have been restored; metal in bodies has spontaneously disappeared as well as kilograms of fat cells (up to 42 pounds) and even wrinkles!

Thus we can really say: We serve a creative God!

Furthermore, many hundreds of people from all walks of life have received the new Life through Jesus Christ!

It looks as though this is the start of a powerful, supernatural movement of God working through His dear sons and daughters here on earth!

We wish to keep you in the picture on this site as to the goings on and will continually post news on selected especially spectacular miracles that have happened. Enjoy these shared reports of what God is up to these days, and let them encourage you: there is absolutely nothing impossible for God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Your Glory Life Zentrum Team

Reports June 2018

Glory and Miracle Service on 10 June 2018 in Hamburg


-A lady who had 15 years ago broken both her collar bones was since only able to lift her arms half way. After prayer this disability was gone and she was able to lift her arms up high.

-As a result of falling from a horsea lady had broken 4 vertebrae and injured her knee. For about a year she had suffered with back tension and knee pain. Tension and pain have now disappeared and her body feels light.

-A lady’s eyes were healed after a prophetic word from Pastor Georg. She can now see better and much clearer.

-After receiving prayer a lady with whiplash and disc problems is now completely without pain.

-Movement disabilities in the shoulder area of a lady are healed. She was also healed from pain in the gallbladder area as well as receiving delivery from fear.

-A person had back problems and his legs had different lengths. Pastor Georg prayed for the legs and the shorter one grew out to meet the other. As a result his back problems disappeared. 

-A lady diagnosed with NMO(a disease affecting the nervous system, also known as Devic's syndrome) had been in a wheelchair for the last 20 years. She suffered pain in her arms and legs. To begin with she was healed from the pain in her arms and then in her legs. With support, she was able to walk a few steps. For 2 years this had been impossible.

-A 92 year old lady receives new strength and movement ability.She walked freely up and down in the room. Before, she was unable to do this without supportive help from someone or a stick. She had given her life to Jesus when she was 90 years old.

-Through prayer the pain in a lady’s coccyx disappears. She can again sit down and stand up without any problems.

-Through a word of knowledge a person came forward. She had a blow on her back a long time ago and since then suffered pain and severe movement restriction. Since receiving prayer she is now free of pain and is again able to bend and touch her toes.


Reports May 2018

Miracles that took place at the Glory and Miracle Service in Bethsaida during the Glory Life Israel trip from 25 May to 2 June


-A lady was in pain and could only stand up with difficulty – the pain, as well as movement restrictions, are almost completely gone.

-A lady had narrow ear passages. She heard a “plop” and can now hear better.

-A man had painbecause he had bumped his toe. The pain left him completely.

-A man was delivered frompain in his back.

-A lady’s left foot was healed.

-A lady’s stomach problems disappeared.

-Movement disability in the shoulder and back disappearedby a lady.

-A lady’s index finger was stiff – she can now move it again.

-10 years ago a woman was told by the doctor that she would need new hips. She was healed and all pain left her.

-A woman with chronic bronchitis can breathe much better now. 

Reports March 2018

Testimonies in Hamburg on 3 March 2018

-A lady testified that she was healed a few months ago from high blood pressure while watching a Glory Life message on YouTube.

-A lady who had suffered since her childhood with pain became completely healed.

-A lady was healed from long-term back pain.

-A visitor to the church lost weight supernaturally – you could see her trouser waistband was looser.

-A lady was healed from pain in her foot.

-A lady with broken shoulders had suffered long-term pain. She became completely pain free.

-A lady’s stomach was blown up because of a tumor. Her stomach went down 5 cm.

-The left foot and toes of a man visiting the church service were healed. The length of his legs was also supernaturally corrected.

-A lady received a divine overhaul – she can freely move her neck again, the veil in front of her eyes disappeared, her left foot was healed and she reported that she had at last got a new apprenticeship.

-A man was healed of arthrosis, the length of his legs was corrected and the lumbar region of his spine was straightened.

-A bunion dissolved on a lady’s foot.

Reports April 2018

Glory and Miracle Service on 28 April in Augsburg


-A lady who had tinnitus for 23 years was healed of it.

A man was healed from cataracts.

-A lady’s cervical spine was healed and she no longer suffers with pain.

-During the service Pastor Georg asked the congregation to pray for one another with his guidance. During the first round 10 people were healed, and during the second round over 20.

-The pain in a visitor’s foot disappeared.

-A lady suffered with continual pain for 18 months because of a slipped disc. This pain has gone.

-A lady’s coccyx was healed.

-A man had to be supportedwhen he came to the service. All pain left him and he was filled with joy.

-Because of problems in the lumbar region of her back a lady’s legs were of different lengths. During prayerher leg length was corrected.

-A man was relieved of pain in his shoulder.

-Three people were healed from problems in their thoracic spine.
A lady was freed of pain and was thus able to lift up her arms again.

Reports January 2018

Nuremberg 27.01.2018 During the Glory and Miracle Service in Nuremberg on 27 January 2018 many healings took place without the laying on of hands – they happened solely through the spoken Word of God. About 10 people converted and various body ailments were healed within a short period of time. Here are some of the immediate testimonies:
-Pain in a lady’s right shoulder joint disappeared completely.

-Acute pain in a lady’s jaw, neck and shoulder region due to squashed nerve tracts disappeared completely.

-For some time a lady was unable to stretch out her arms because of torn muscles. She is now able to do this without any pain.

-A lady was delivered from an acute headache.

-A man had problems in the neck area and was unable to turn his head without pain. This is now possible! All pain and movement disability disappeared.

-A lady was delivered from intervertebral disc complaints and is now without pain.

-An elderly lady was unable to bend without experiencing pain in her hips and legs. She is now without pain and completely healed.

-As a child, a lady had undergone 10 operations. Since then she was unable to stand without pain. She is now able to get up from a chair without experiencing pain.

-Pain in the lumbar region of a man’s back disappeared.

-A man was healed from carpal tunnel syndrome. All pain in both wrists disappeared completely. The numbness has also gone.

-An elderly man’s right knee was healed. He is now able to lift his knee without pain.