Stgt: Glory and miracle service


Witness signs and wonders as with Jesus 2000 years ago!

Experience the power of the new life in christ at your own body.

Blind people will see, deaf people will hear, lame men are walking...

10 am


Glory Life Zentrum
Karl-Benz-Straße 3
70794 Filderstadt-Bernhausen
Parallel children service

Regular Events in the 
Gory Life Zentrum Stuttgart:

  • Glory Life intensive evening
    every 1st and 3rd Tuesday/month 7:30 pm

  • Glory houses
    every 2nd and 4th Tuesday/month

  • Glory life school
    every Thursday (registration required)
  • Glory service
    every Sunday 10 am

For latest Events, location and exact times please look at the calendar on the left.