We believe

1.)  We believe that it is in the Bible, and only there, where we find the unerring Word of God in all its depth and fulness in written form. When we preach the Word of God (in both oral and written form), it has thus to be based on this very foundation and must not contradict it.


2.)   We believe that Jesus Christ is the centre of God’s Word, that there is no redemption outside of Him and that it is the most important goal in a human’s life to get to know Him as our Lord and Saviour. The deeper we get to know Him, the deeper we will love Him and the Father through Him as well as each other.

Without Jesus man continues to be a part of the fallen nature and is on the road to absolute and final separation from God (=hell).

With Him and in Him heaven in all its fulness, glory and perfection opens up to man, starting here and now already and in all eternity!

He as a person and the Gospel, the „good news“ brought by Him is thus also the central key when it comes to interpreting the Bible in its entirety, Old and New Testament.


3.)   We believe in the inseparable unity of the three divine persons Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit that make up God in His complete perfection and depth and that contain all His character traits.


4.)   We believe that nothing can or should be added to the finished work of Jesus Christ to lead every man in his perfect and divine calling in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This work started with the birth by the Virgin Mary, unfolded in Jesus‘ sinless life here on earth and was completed in His suffering and dying on behalf of us as well as in His victorious resurrection and his ascension to heaven to the right hand of the Father where He remains in intercession for us and waits for His bodily return to earth, the subsequent Millenium and the re-creation of heaven and earth.


5.)   We believe that a person who comes into communion with Jesus Christ will be justified, re-created and sanctified to a life of sonship that is of exactly the same nature as the life that Jesus lived out on earth and still has in heaven.

By being filled with the Holy Spirit and exposed to the God appointed service of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, this sonship is activated in us, so that through us here on earth the reality of heaven and thus the risen Christ can be made visible in all areas of life.

A life like this is naturally accompanied by signs and wonders.

The whole creation eagerly waits for the revealing of these sons of God (Romans 8) and it is the greatest fulfilment of a human life to enter deeper and deeper into this new life!