Children's ministry at Glory Life Centre

By Hadassa Göcking


Sunday morning at Glory Life Centre is something very special not only for adults, but also for children in the children's ministry who are blessed by God through a diverse program presented by our staff. In the children's ministry of Glory Life Centre the children learn more about the good news, they hear from a God who loves them and they can get to know him better.

For a children's ministry group there is a leader who is mainly responsible for all organizational matters as well as for the children, and a co-worker who helps the leader and takes care of the children together with him. Before the children's ministry, these two discuss the morning's activities in their group and let God fill them with His love and inspiration.

There are a total of three groups into which the children are divided according to their age: The Joy kids from 3-7 years, the Love kids from 8 to 12 years and the Glory kids from 13 years onwards (until the kids decide to attend the main service).

Before Sunday school starts there is a time of worship together, where the children can sing along but also invent suitable movements for what they sing, and after that they are taken for 2-3 songs into the „adults'“ worship service.Like this the children and the co-workers are filled with God's love before they start with the theme of the day in the children's ministry rooms. The theme of the day is usually put on the hearts of the staff by God, but themes are also selected from special books for children.

Food for the children should not be missing either, so the co-workers buy something in advance, so that they can have a good time of fellowship with the children while eating. Finally, the children have the opportunity to play, paint or if the weather is fine, go outside with the staff until the service is over and the parents can pick them up.

It is important for us as staff that the children get into a deeper relationship with their Papa-God through our ministry and that they experience a heavenly and wonder-filled morning just like the adults!

At the moment we are about 20 staff members, and we are still looking for more interested people. So if you would like to get a taste or you think that the children's ministry would be just right for you, you are welcome to contact Luitraud Seidel or Pastor Georg Karl.



Staff members



For me, children's ministry means...


Marina: ...getting to know God's love!

Drea: experience signs and wonders with the next generation like never before.

Valerie: ...the Bible practical and alive!

Monika: sow the Word of God into the hearts of children and to convey to them that they are infinitely valuable and precious in the eyes of God.. 

Tobias: put good seeds into the next generation!

Christian:, fellowship, sharing the best message with the kids and giving them the opportunity to meet God personally.

Luitraud: with children and parents.

Ephraim: give the children insight into God's glory.