Welcome to Glory Life Zentrum!


Heaven invades earth!

At Glory Life Zentrum thousands of people already have experienced the glory and transforming power of the new life that God gave us unconditionally in Jesus Christ!

We have the strong desire and thus experience (all in accordance with the well-known prayer of Jesus) that heaven more and more invades us here on earth, be it in our spirit, in our souls and bodies, in our families and relationships, at our workplaces or in society as a whole!

In our services we have the freedom to encounter God in very individual ways and to experience Him personally. The wonderful power of the love of Jesus draws us into a deep communion of the heart. Together, we fulfil the great comission to this world: Bringing the liberating message of the Gospel in a powerful, supernatural and yet contemporary way to as many people as possible!

Miracles of any kind are an automatic occurence when we reach out together in the glory of God and experience His powerful and tangible presence and power in our midst.

Here at Glory Life Zentrum you will get to know that God is real and that He through Christ Jesus has a very specific and personal plan for your life.

In our fellowship you will be edified and encouraged for your daily life and led into the development of your gifts and your full potential in God.


Feel free to come by and join us in exploring these new dimensions- on earth as it is in heaven!