Roofing scheduled for Christmas 2018!

Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters,

Abundant Glory blessings from the Lord Jesus to all of you!

We are really excited and utterly thankful for all the marvelous things God is doing in this hour:

The lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, the bound are being set free and even the dead are being raised, while the glorious message of the gospel is being preached to lost and hurting souls! That's what God has called us to do as Christians and that's exactly what's happening - we are really experiencing a dynamic move of God in our midst at Glory Life - thank you, Jesus!

As many of you probably already know, some years ago God put it on our hearts to build a strategic training, outreach, conference and community center for this present move of the Glory of God in the nations, very close to Stuttgart airport. Its destiny is the birthing and equipping of thousands of "sons of Glory" who will thoroughly change the world! It has already started in our far too small rented facilities in Filderstadt, with several hundred students in our "Glory Life School", as well as with countless conferences, Glory & Miracle services, mission outreaches and church plantings etc etc.).

This new center now is destined to be a really visible and accessible, permanent home for God's "greater glory", that will play a major role in fulfilling Haggai 2:6-9 and Habakkuk 2:14 for Europe and the whole world!

In 2016, after quite a journey, God has led us to the right building ground, and He also took away with any bureaucratic and financial hurdles for us to become the owners of that property. He has blessed us with a Christian contractor and held his hand over all the planning. And now, since summer we are building- and before Christmas, we'll have the roofing ceremony!

It is an absolute miracle that until now we could cope with the enormous costs of this project (about 5.5 million Euros/6.5million Dollars all in all upon finishing) nearly without taking out any loan, and close to 50 % of the project has already been paid for- thank you, Lord!

As the shell construction of the building is soon going to be finished though we now enter the decisive phase of financing this "House of Greater Glory", and we kindly ask you for your prayers towards this matter: Very frankly speaking, our accounts are close to empty at this point (Nov 2018) due to the payments we have already made, but there are still about 750 thousand Euros (ca. 850 thousand dollars) of bills to be met before the year is closing.

Now, we strongly believe that with the help of your faithful prayers and of all those who make themselves available to God for giving generously towards this project we'll master this hurdle, and will be able to finish the project next summer without any debts that would hinder other important projects for the kingdom!

Nobody shall feel any pressure whatsoever to give, even the less so if you have already invested in this project for which we once again say thanky ou a thousand times, be blessed with a hundredfold harvest!

But if everybody who gets to read this letter just asks Holy Spirit, whether and in what form God wants him or her to further participate in this project that is so important and urgent for the spreading of revival glory all over Europe and beyond- then we believe the Lord, that in all things that pertain to this "Center of Greater Glory", and at all times we'll have all we need and will still be able to abound in every good work towards the worldwide glory harvest (s.2.Cor 9:8).

We trust HIM, that He will perform this miracle of divine provision!

Over each and everyone who prays together with us with a loving heart and does whatever the Lord tells him to do, we release the fullness of the blessing and the love of God in all areas of your life!

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for reading this letter, we love you and are yours

For His Glory

Georg & Irina Karl and the whole Glory Life Team


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Glory Life Zentrum e.V.

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Purpose: „Center of Greater Glory“

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God has a powerful plan for blessing Germany, Europe, and the world- even amidst outer shakings He is building His Kingdom in power!

And we clearly hear His call to act now:

“Give careful thoughts to your ways. Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored!” says the Lord. (Hag 1:8)

We greatly thank you for all your participation in this divine miracle through your prayers and your generous giving.

We are one family in the Lord and together we advance the power and the Glory of the wonderful name of Jesus!




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